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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is a Mobile Mechanic?
Mobile mechanics come to the customer's home, office, or other location to perform a wide range of auto services, from diagnostics to repairs and maintenance
Why do we authorize the payment now?

To make sure a customer has the funds to pay for their purchase, merchants can request authorization from the buyer's credit card issuer or bank. This will result in a temporary hold on available funds, ensuring that the individual is able to cover any expenses incurred with this transaction. Generally speaking, these holds are only active for several days before being returned once more if no further action is taken - granting customers peace of mind and financial security at all times!

In contrast to authorization, the charge is a process of deducting money from the customer's account for payment. After obtaining permission and concluding the transaction, merchants start charging customers' accounts corresponding with their purchase amount. By doing this, funds are shifted permanently from customers’ accounts to merchant's ones.

To sum it up, authorization is the method of confirming that a customer has enough money in their account whereas charging is when an amount equal to the purchase price is taken from the client's bank account.

Presently, Instant Car Fix is only verifying your payment and will bill you as soon as the services have been completed.